Spin Fishing


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Spin Fishing
Spinning rods and spinning combo's ideal for trout fishing in New Zealand's lakes, rivers and streams.


  • Spin Combo's
    Spin combo's ideal for trout fishing, combo's offer exceptional value for money and come completely set up and ready to go fishing.
  • 4 Piece Spin Rods
    The ultimate in portability and quality, a 4 piece rod is ideal for trampers and hunters who want to take a light weight spin rod in their pack.
  • 2 Piece Spin Rods
    A great range of spin rods for trout, easily stored and transported.
  • Telescopic Spin Rods
    The ultimate in portability - keep one in your car at all times!
  • Kids Gear
    Fishing Gear ideal to get your kids to enjoy fishing.
  • Spinning Reels

    Trout spin reels, small, lightweight, ideal for rivers and lakes.