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Surface Seducer® Double Barrel™ popper & slider body

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Currently will be stocking in white so you can colour up as you please.  Contact me if you would like a specific colour body.

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The Double Barrel is an innovative, modern, soft-foam popper body that makes it easy to tie the most popular popper, slider, and diver flies being used today to target various species from panfish to sailfish!

It has several unique design advantages over other popper bodies and is available in a comprehensive range of sizes and colors, allowing you to tie a full spectrum of flies.

The versatile foam head can be tied on with the cup facing forward to create popper flies, and can be tied on in reverse to create slider, diver, and Sneaky Pete style foam flies.

Length 16mm x Width 13mm x Height 10mm

Length 21mm x Width 17mm x Height 13mm

Length 27mm x Width 20mm x Height 18mm

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