An Intro to Intruder Flies in New Zealand

Posted at  Feb 09, 2019      0 Comments
Our Local Fly-tyer/ designer/ mate Bevan Clinch shares his thoughts and discussions around the topic of 'Intruders flies' and commonly asked Questions he gets about fishing these Intruder flies inner Zealand.

Big Fly Storage

Posted at  Feb 06, 2019      0 Comments
Fly boxes for intruder style flies and fly tying storage

The Sharp End

Posted at  Jan 31, 2019      0 Comments
Find out the best hooks for trout trolling lures.

C3 Fly Range Growing

Posted at  Jun 15, 2018      0 Comments
new C3 flies added to the range

New Colours for Extra Select Craft Fur

Posted at  May 27, 2018      0 Comments
New Extra Select Craft Fur colours now available

New season, New Rules

Posted at  Jul 11, 2017      0 Comments
new season fishing regulations

A day out with Tim Rajeff and Echo Fly Rods

Posted at  Nov 15, 2016      0 Comments
Tim and partner Katherine Hart are both world casting champions and master casting instructors… they know what they are talking about.

Introduction to fly fishing course

Posted at  Jul 08, 2015      0 Comments
Learn to fly fish
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