Lake Okataina, 25 October 2013

Lake Okataina is one of those very special lakes that can offer solitude, scenery and trophy fish all in one afternoon. I managed to get over there this week with good friend and avid fisherman Peter. It was Peter's first time on the lake, so the pressure was on for me to put us onto fish, especially as I had been bragging for weeks about how well I know the lake.




When we arrived the other lodge guests were all talking about how tough the fishing had been over the weekend, with only one or two fish being caught per boat. Ouch, just the extra pressure I needed. But we where there to fish, not to talk, so we put the boat in and headed straight out to the log pool for our first trolling run.

 We ignored all the local advice and fished Taupo lures - bang bang two fish on the boat in the first hour. It certainly pays to mix things up if the standard patterns are not working.




After a great nights sleep in the lodge we were out again with harling lines over the dog-a-bank before sunrise. We could hear plops and splashes all around us and started to get excited - and sure enough the fish were on. We had a great hour and a half with no time to make coffee, and fish unto 2.3kg landed. The top performing fly was the red setter, followed by a yellow body green orbit.








After breakfast we decided to give jigging a go, a first for me on this lake. Our first drift was perfect and Pat Swifts Dark Bully took a nice fish off the bottom. Then the wind blew up and the jigging was off- as was the fishing. We spent the rest of the day trolling and jigging with not another touch, but totally lost in the beauty and peace of this gorgeous lake.


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