Gary’s Fly Tying Bench - MKII

Once you have been tying flies for a while you soon realise that keeping your gear organised is vital.  We end up with so many tools and materials thats it’s hard to keep track of everything.  One great piece of equipment that really helps is a fly tying bench.  Gary has been making these great little mobile benches for a couple of years now, supplying many of the tiers in the Taupo Fishing Club.  Gary has added little improvements along the way and the MKII version is great.  



As you can see there are holders for thread and wire, slots for most of your tools, and a cork pad for drying your flies.  The bench is suitable for both left and right hand tiers.  A couple of the improvements include grooves for holding beads and hooks, so they don’t roll off on to the floor.  Gary has also added holders for head cement or other similar bottles, greatly reducing the chances of accidental spillage.  


One of the  beauties of these benches is they keep all your essential tools and materials in one place and easily accessible.  they also sit nicely on your knee for tying in front of the fire during winter or taking to a friends house for a fly tying night - yes, we do this!



Gary makes these out of pine and recycled rimu for the side rails.  They look very smart and are well put together.  Gary makes these to order and are only $70 - please contact the shop for further details.

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      Kerry Rice
      Mar 21, 2019

      Hi, I am interested in one of Gary’s fly tying benches. Do you have them in the shop on display normally? Cheers Kerry

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        Mar 21, 2019

        Hi Kerry yes we have these in the shop on display, we actually have 2 sizes now as well. Cheers Matt

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