A day out with Tim Rajeff and Echo Fly Rods

Posted at  Nov 15, 2016      0 Comments
Tim and partner Katherine Hart are both world casting champions and master casting instructors… they know what they are talking about.

Introduction to fly fishing course

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Learn to fly fish

Peter Carty Fly Tying Demonstrations

Posted at  May 31, 2015      0 Comments
Peter is an Umpqua registered fly tier and creator of many original fly patterns. Peter is also well known for the work he does with Casting for Recovery and the fabulous fly brooches he creates.

Items of Luxury

Posted at  May 25, 2015      0 Comments
One item we have come across recently that fits both categories are our hand turned Maire priests. Probably New Zealand’s hardest wood, Maire is naturally heavy, strong and very durable making it ideal for the task and ensuring it will last a lifetime.

How Did I live with out it?

Posted at  May 19, 2015      0 Comments
The Rod clip is so simple, and does exactly what it says. Pin it on your vest or wading jacket, and when ever you need two hands, just clip your rod in.

Line Management Tool

Posted at  May 09, 2015      0 Comments
This is a very simple clip that makes line management simple, and really works. They come in a pack of 3 colours, making it easy to select the line you want in a hurry.

Going Barbless

Posted at  Apr 29, 2015      0 Comments
what excuse do you really have for NOT fishing with barbless hooks?


Posted at  Feb 19, 2015      0 Comments
One regular visitor that most locals will know well is South Island Dave
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