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Glo Bugs Yarn

Tie your own glo bugs...

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The most popular glo bug material, especially good for large heave-n-leave type glo bugs.

One of the keys to tying nice glo bugs is using a good strong tying thread so you can use a lot of tension to stop the yarn from rolling on the hook.  We recommend Danville’s Flymaster Plus, which also has  great colours for glo bugs.  f you still find yourself snapping the thread, then go all out and use Kevlar tying thread... if you snap this you are doing something wrong!

The other key is a supper sharp pair of scissors.  Pat's all purpose scissors will do the trick, but his Razor scissors are the best and will stay sharp much longer.

We tie our glo bugs on Kamasan B110 or Black Magic G hooks.  If you want to go barbless use the FullingMill Czech Nymph hooks.


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