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OPST Micro Sinking Tip - 7.5'

These tips perform extremely well on 7-11 foot rods

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Brand new! OPST presents 7.5 foot, 60 grain Commando Tips. The perfect addition to your OPST Sink Tip Wallet. Just like our 5 foot Micro Tips except 2.5 feet longer, these tips perform extremely well on 7-11 foot rods, plus or minus a foot or so. They are designed for 4 to 8 weight rods and are perfect for a standard 9 foot single hand rod.

These tips come with welded loops on both ends, as well as line IDs for easy tip identification. Like our other sink tips, these 7.5 foot Commando Tips come in three different sink rates: Riffle (S2), Run (S4) and Bucket (S6).

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