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Solarez UV-Cure Resin

U.V. cure fly tying resin from Solarez.

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We have found Solarez to be the best UV- cure resin on the market, easy to use, sets quickly and sets hard.  This comes in 5gram tubes, available in 3 formulas or as a 3 pack:

Thin, Hard Formula

 - Super-hard scratch resistant finish
  - Ideal for thin coats on fishing lure heads

  - Thin formula, easy to coat or saturate

Thick, Hard Formula
  - Hard, very viscous for making thick coatings or spheres - bodies, heads, eyes

  - Build fly fishing heads and bodies

  - Viscous formula, easier to work with

F-l-e-x Formula
  - Flexible finish for swimmers, flex parts - could be used as a wader repair

  - Great for coating knots for strength

  - Viscous formula, easier to work with


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