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Hanak Fluorocarbon Tippet

NEW Fluoro Crabon from Hanak

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Low visibility and slight sinking fluorocarbon tippet made in Japan. It is almost invisible in water thanks to the refractive index of light almost identical to that of water.

Fluorocarbon is sinking because it is almost twice as heavy as water. When fishing below the surface does not remain lying on the surface and scare the fish. It is denser, smoother and non-absorbent, remains clear and does not change its diameter.

Due to the higher specific weight and smoothness of the surface it facilitates casting. It is harder, less stretchy and provides better contact with flies that are much less entangled. It is resistant to UV radiation, which significantly extends the service life.

The blue rubber band fixes the line and prevents unwinding in a pocket or bag. The spools can be connected to each other.

5X HCFC_145 0.145 mm - 2.0 kg - 4.5lb
4X HCFC_164 0.164 mm - 2.6 kg - 5.5lb
3.5X HCFC_183 0.183 mm - 3.2 kg - 7lb
3X HCFC_201 0.201 mm - 3.7 kg - 8lb


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