Tasmanian Devil


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No. 73 Bronze Beauty View larger

No. 73 Bronze Beauty

13.5 gm Lure with wire rigged single hook.

The Lure has a hollow weighted torpedo shaped central core surrounded with plastic including curved wings out each side. 
A wire loop with hook coupled is fitted through the core.

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Tasmanian Devil's have been one of NZ's most popular trout trolling and spinning lures since they were introduced in 1980. These lures have a great action in the water, simulating wounded fish.  

Fishing Tip

When trolling at the correct speed, these lures will cause your rod tip to nod gently.  If your rod tip stops nodding, then you have probably caught some weed.

While it always pays to experiment, here is a guide for which colours to use at different times of the year:

October - December

  • Lakes Rotoiti and Rotoma: 06, 28, 52, 58
  • Lakes Rotorua and Taupo: 40, 46, 50, 53
  • Lakes Tarawera and Okataina: 05, 58, 59

January - March

  • Lakes Rotoiti and Rotoma: 43, 55, 86, 88
  • Lakes Rotorua and Taupo: S13, 58, 75, 80
  • Lakes Tarawera and Okataina: 47, 72, 88

April - June

  • Lakes Rotoiti and Rotoma: s9, 10, 15, 39
  • Lakes Rotorua and Taupo: BR, 04, 55, 63
  • Lakes Tarawera and Okataina: 06, 08, 55, 56

July - Spetember

  • Lakes Rotorua and Taupo: Y05, 25, 59, 88

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