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Double X Fluorocarbon

Extra limp, extra strong, our best selling fluoro carbon by miles.

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Double X Fluoro Carbon line has a number of features making it our best seller:

  • Non Hydroscopic, will not loose strength when submerged in water - dry knot strength and wet knot stregth remais the same.
  • Low reflection rate therefore invisible in water.
  • High specific gravity sinks quickly and avoids tangles
  • Hi Durability
  • Very little deteriation with age and UV exposure


All Double X Fluoro Carbon comes in 50m spools.


4lb / 1.82kg / 0.148mm

5lb / 2.27kg / 0.165mm

6lb / 2.73kg / 0.185mm

7lb / 3.18kg / 0.205mm

8lb / 3.64kg / 0.219mm

9lb / 4.09kg / 0.235mm

11lb / 5.00kg / 0.260mm

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