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Stonfo Kaimen Vice

High precision vise for a fast hook changing. To use simply squeeze the lever and insert the hook into the jaw. When you release the lever the hook will be held firmly in the vise. The hardened...

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Stonfo Elite Vice

High quality in-line 360° rotary action vise for tying flies and streamers. The stainless steel shaft rotates through two precision ball bearings. The shank of the hook rotates on axis thanks to...

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Peak Rotary Vise With Pedestal Base

The PEAK Rotary Vise is designed with optimal tying efficiency and ease of adjustment and set-up in mind. We use a range of high-quality materials, chosen to last a lifetime, such as stainless...

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Regent Fly Tying Vise w/base

The unique cam-action of the Regent Fly Tying Vise is quick and easy to operate yet holds hooks very securely. It conveniently clamps onto your table and what's more, the height and head angle can...

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