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Fly fishing rods, reels and lines, tippets and leaders, stream side accessories.

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Flashback Pheasant Red

You cant have enough Pheasant Tail variants. This one has a Red flashback with an epoxy coating. For some reason trout love flies with a bit of red in them

$4.50 GST included

Amplitude Infinity Camo WF-6-F

Features revolutionairy AST Technology for slickness and durability. Floating texture on tip section for the ultimate in floatation. Shooting texture running line delivers longer casts. Versatile...

$249.99 GST included

Dinsmores Split Shot BB

Split shot has a number of angling applications from weighting nymphs and lures when targeting freshwater species, through to lightly weighting a bait fished down a saltwater berley trail....

$14.00 GST included