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Orvis Tippet Tool - Tidal Blue

Organise and carry tippet spools. Anodized machined aluminium is strong, light and functional. Hold seven spools of tippet. Two methods of attachment; a carabiner clip or rings. Colour; Tidal Blue...

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S.A. Tippet Holder

It looks like a T-bar, and thats essentially all it is, but once you add a few spools of tippet,  it magically transforms into an amazing Tippet Holder.  Throw in a sweet carabiner that lets you...

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S.A. Tippet Holder Switch - Red

Keep your tippet spools organised and ready to go at a moments notice. The Switch holders unique design lets you choose either a horizontal or vertical orientation on your sling pack, vest or boat...

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Orvis Lanyard - Fully Loaded

Orvis Lanyard - Loaded * Flat webbing design * 6 paracord loops * Forcep dock * Drying patch * Loaded and ready to go * Built-in shirt clip to keep lanyard secure when bending to release...

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Orvis Forceps Rogue Mitten Clamp

Orvis Rogue Mitten Clamp Forceps are powered by Loon Outdoors.  The Mitten Clamps are opened and closed with the same squeezing motion, making clipping them  to a pack or vest extra convenient....

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Orvis Nipper Flow - Black

Designed by Orvis and powered by Loon Outdoors, the Flow Nipper is a step up from ordinary fly-fishing nippers,  that's more refined, of higher quality, and more durable.  Superior cutting edge for...

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Orvis Forceps - Storm Gray

Orvis Comfy Grip Forceps * Surgical quality stainless steel * Comfy grip handles for grip and comfort * Locking handles * Half smooth, half serrated jaw * Colour; Storm Gray * Length; 140mm 

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Orvis Nipper - Storm Gray

COMFY GRIP NIPPERS It's not a fishing trip without a dozen fly changes, but our Comfy Grip Nippers make it easy. These fly-fishing nippers are covered with Comfy Grip for excellent grip in all...

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