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Dragonfly Fly Box Large

This well made Dragonfly Fly Box is just the thing to hold your flies easily and securely. Transparent with a secure latch, this holds up to 180 flies. Double Sided Slit Foam Waterproof Holds up...

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Dragonfly Fly Box Small

This double-sided Dragonfly Fly Box has transparent sides, is waterproof with good hinges. Features: Double Sided Slit Foam Holds up to 96 Flies Waterproof Transparent Dimensions: 105mm x 75mm x...

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C&F Streamer Fly Box

A fly case in which two streamer system foams are set in a foam changer. Push the hook bend into the slit guide and set the fly. Since the hook points are not inserted directly into the foam, the...

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C&F Standard Fly Box

C&F's most standard fly case with two standard system foams.Designed to hold standard sized trout flies from #12 to #18.Customised flies on micro-slit foam make it easy to keep track of worn...

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C&F Midge Fly Box

This model comes with 2 Midge system foams and is perfect for carrying a lot of small flies.24 flies of #18 or smaller can be stored in each row.Please use it by customising it in various ways,...

$79.99 GST included

C&F Attractor Fly Box

A fly case in which two attractor system foams are set in a foam changer.Great for holding large foam patterns wrapped around long shanks and large stonefly nymphs.It takes full advantage of...

$79.99 GST included

C&F Trout Guide Boat Box

Although a boat box has become indispensable for drift boat fishing, the problems caused by storing all the flies you have in a large box are serious. Fishing when you get off the boat, unexplored...

$349.99 GST included