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Mega Tying Pad

Will keep your hooks and beads from rolling or sliding away. The reverse side can be used for adhesives or epoxy and will not stick making it easy to clean.

$79.99 GST included

Stonfo Razor 707

Special razor for fly and streamer tyers, perfect for the creation of deer hair heads. The rotation of the ring nut allows to flex the blade to the desired angle to have a more uniform hair cut....

$88.99 GST included

Bobbin Threader Type 1

Useful tool to thread the bobbin holder. The soft touch handle has a special hexagonal shape so that the tool won’t roll off the tying table. Instructions included.

$19.99 GST included

Thread Splitter

High precision tool that allows to split thin threads to make dubbing loop on small size flies. The splitting operation, very difficult to perform manually, becomes easier thanks to Thread Splitter.

$59.99 GST included

Pettine Comb

The Pettine Comb realised with high resistance plastic material, is composed of a small narrow-toothed comb and a velcro brush. Ideal to improve the finishing of your lures and to make them more...

$14.99 GST included