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Fly Tying Materials
Taupo's largest selection of fly tying materials and supplies, . We have new, innovative materials and tools coming every month. We stock a huge range of materials from the worlds leading suppliers including Hareline Dubbin, Veniard, Spirit River and many more. If you can't find what you are looking for we can always order in items specially.


  • Fly tying Scissors
    A good pair of scissors is essential - we carry an excellent selection from Anvil and Pat swift
  • Fly Tying Bobbins
    Bobbins hold you thread securely and give you tension control. Choose a bobbin that sits nicely in your hand and is easy to adjust to suit your needs.
  • Fly Tying Tools
    Hair stackers, whip finishers, fly tying tools from Stonfo, Veniard, Tiemco, Pat Swift, Rite Bobbin and more.
  • Vices
    Griffin has fly tying vices for all budgets, all with super strong jaws. Rotary options at great prices, and all made in the USA. We also carry vices from Stonfo, Italian quality.
  • Beads

    Beads for fly tying, tungsten beads and brass beads, including tungsten and lead dumbbells, rainbow tungsten beads, slotted and counter sunk.

  • Body Materials
    General fly tying supplies and materials that don't fit into other categories, such as foam, lumo skirt, ribbing and more.
  • Chenille, Yarn
    Chenille's and yarns for fly tying, glo bug yarn, mcfly foam, wooly bugger chenille, ice chennille, krystal chennile, a great range of colours and sizes.
  • Dubbing
    Dubbing materials for fly tying, natural, synthetic and UV dubbing from great brands, Spirit River, Hends, Wapsi, Hareline Dubbin
  • Feathers
    Hackles, Saddles, Biots, CDC, Capes
  • Flash Materials
    Flashy materials to bring live to your flies. Every colour of Flashabou, Krystal Flash, Fluoro Fibre and much more.
  • Floss
    Fly tying floss supplies, these are great materials for building up bodies, huge colour range.
  • Hair and Fur
    Deer hair, elk hair, seals fur, rabbit zonkers, calf tail, Marble Fox, Bucktail and more.
  • Hooks
    We carry a large range of hooks for freshwater and saltwater flies and a great range of barbless hooks. We stock Kamasan, Fulling Mill, Tiemco, Black Magic, Daiichi, JSons and Gamakatsu
  • Tinsels and Mylar
    Add some life to your flies with our range of Holographic tinsels, double sided mylar and more. Great for flashbacks, bodies and ribbing.
  • Body / Wing Cutters
    Cut bodies and wings perfectly with these cutters. A large range of shapes and sizes - a must have for series dry fly tiers.
  • Threads
    We carry the full colour range of popular fly tying threads including Uni-thread 6/0 and 8/0, Danvilles, kevlar thread and more. We also carry the full range of Veevus threads from 8/0 to 14/0.
  • Tube Fly Materials
    Everything you need to tie tube flies, a great range of tools and materials from Pro Sportfisher and Eumer - the leaders in tube fly technology.
  • Wire and Lead
    We carry the full colour range of UTC ultra wire, and many types of lead wire and sheets.
  • Glues, Epoxy, Paint & Wax
    Head cement, epoxy, uv cure resin, paints, colour pens. We carry Bug Bond, Loon, Clear Cure Goo UV curing epoxies and torches.
  • UV Coatings
    A range or products for adding UV to any type of fly, lure or bait. Great for both fresh and saltwater applications.
  • Floatants

    Gels and liquids for keeping dry flies and indicators floating high.

  • Eyes
  • Eggs and Glo Bugs

    Materials for tying eggs and glo bugs.

Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items