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Glues, Epoxy, Paint & Wax
Head cement, epoxy, uv cure resin, paints, colour pens. We carry Bug Bond, Loon, Clear Cure Goo UV curing epoxies and torches.
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  • U.V. cure fly tying resin from Solarez.

  • BUG-BOND™ Original: with the viscosity of a “runny honey” Original is the “go to” material for the general fly tyer.

  • BUG-BOND™ Lite: this material is much less viscous than Original and is close to a watery consistency or that of light engineering oil.

  • BUG-BOND™ Tip-Kit: although each bottle of BUG-BOND™ comes with a general purpose tip, many fly tyers like to have the benefit of precise application of the resin.

  • Developed as the ultimate battery powered UV flashlight for curing BUG-BOND™.

  • Multi-UV LED Light: This is a basic entry level UV light can be used for curing BUG-BOND™ in a number of fly-tying applications.

  • This converion kit consists of the footswitch, power supply and torch adapter, allowing you to adapt your existing Bug Bond Professional UV Light to the new system.

  • The original and best head cement is fine and extra clear.

  • The head cement we all grew up with.

  • A thin, odorless, non-toxic water-based Head Cement with applicator system for preceise applications. Never breathe toxic or smelly fumes again.

  • A thinner for altering the viscosity of Loon's head cements to your exact specifications.

  • Hydrostop permanently treats new flies with a floatant. Coming in a conveniently large container hundreds of flies can be treated, dozens at a time. Flies allowed to soak for 5 minutes and then dried overnight will float higher when they are used. Perfect for yarn-type indicators as well as pre-treating dubbing.

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items