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Lures and Spinners
New Zealand's largest range of fresh water trout lures for trolling and spinning, including Tasmanian Devil, Tillin's Cobra, Super Cobra, Panther Martin, Sebile, Strike Pro, Flat Fish


  • Flat Fish
    Deep Trolling lures, these are a favourite lure for deep trolling in lakes, especially with copper wire.
  • Tillin's King Cobra

    Deep Trolling, spinning, King Cobra lures

  • Tillin's 4cm Cobra...

    4cm Tillin's Cobra Wobbler trolling and spinning lure 1.5 inch

  • Tillin's 5cm Cobra...

    5cm trout trolling and spinning lures 2 inch

  • Tillin's 8cm Cobra...

    8cm Tillin's Cobra Wobbler trolling and spinning lures 3 inch

  • Panther Martin
    USA's biggest selling spinning lures, these come in a great range of colours, styles and sizes. Stainless Steel models are excellent saltwater and salmon lures.
  • Sebile
    The latest technology in spinning lures
  • StrikePro
    Casting into the future - a spinner for every situation. StrikePro have developed an innovative range of hard body lures for spinning and trolling, floating, sinking and suspending, articulated bodies, UV colours.
  • Super Kobra
    Deep Trolling and spinning, colours suitable for all New Zealand lakes, also great for spinning.
  • Tasmanian Devil
    Deep Trolling and spinning lures, Tasmanian Devils have long been the choice of New Zealand anglers with a great colour and size range.
  • Toby, Turbo, Zed
    Spinning, Deep trolling - every New Zealand tackle box must have a Black Toby in it, and some great new colours now available.
  • Tokoroa Chicken
    The classic trolling and spinning lure, hand made right here in Taupo
  • Moresilda
    Moresilda casting and trolling lures from Blue Fox
  • Obsession Lures
    Obsession Lures are new to the market, but have quickly become a hit, very successful in all river situations.
  • Mister Twister
    Rubber tail lures with weighted jig heads - if you are looking for movement in the water then these are for you.
  • Spinsect
    A new trout and salmon lure from Black Magic - this is different to anything you have seen before!
  • Soft Plastics
  • Savage Gear
  • Rapala
  • Mepps

    Meeps Spinner Made in France

  • Hooks for Lures and...

    We carry a range of single hooks fortrolling and spin fishing.