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Mepps Trout Kit

The best selction of Trout Spinner by Mepps!

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The Trout Kit from Mepps contains 7 essential spinners for Trout fishing:

1 Mepps COMET DECOREE N°1 BlacK Silver Spots 3.5G

1 Mepps COMET DECOREE N°1 Gold Red Spots 3.5G

1 Mepps AGLIA N°2 Money 4.5G

1 Mepps BLACK FURY Black N°2 Yellow Spots 4.5G

1 Mepps COMET DECOREE N°2 silver Red Spots 4.5G

1 Mepps AGLIA LONG N°1 4.5G

1 Mepps XD N°2 silver 5G


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