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101 covers all the bases with its heavy tungsten bead and rubber legs.  Our top go-to pattern for summer and winter in the Taupo fishery.

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Pole Position

For some unknown reason brown trout in particular seem to love this fly. It also work particulary well in really slow water when fish have a long time to inspect the fly

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Blow Fly

This fly needs a fine wire hook by nature and whist I have had some trophy sized trout bend them a little I have never had one break

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Code Red

The first person to hook a fish on this fly was legendary intrepid angler Gretchen from Colorado. We have now been fishing together for two weeks every year for over 15 years. The fish promptly...

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Flashback Pheasant Red

You cant have enough Pheasant Tail variants. This one has a Red flashback with an epoxy coating. For some reason trout love flies with a bit of red in them

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Prince Of U.V.

Most of us are familiar with the power of the Prince nymphs. This is a purple bodied variant with a high Ultra violet content Works exceptionally wel in slightly coloured water

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All Black

Turn over any rock on most rivers and there will be lots of small black stuff crawling around. Black flies are a critical component in any fly box. Tied on a Tiemco 2457 super strong curved nymph...

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FM5045 Size 14

The Fulling Mill Jig Force Barbless hook has become one of the most popular river hooks on the market. Designed with a 50 degree downward facing eye, it allows your fly to ride 'hook point up'...

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Hare & Copper Copper

Hares fur blended with a small amount of copper flash. Can’t claim this one, it was first shown to me by legendary Poronui guide Ben Hall. Ben no longer guides but chooses to fly helicopters...

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